Pin·e·co no 0007 Original

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Original Ceramic
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This unique little wolf in sheep’s mask. Number 7 one of 50 little ninja friends.

Handmade with high fire stoneware and hand painted with coloured engobes. Fired 2 times.

“Once upon a time, in a faraway land, there lived a conniving sheep named Wooly. Wooly was tired of being just another sheep in the flock, and he wanted to become the richest sheep in the world. He devised an evil plan to wool the world by stealing wool from every other sheep in the land and selling it for a high price. Wooly recruited a team of sneaky sheep to help him execute his plan. They disguised themselves as friendly helpers and offered to shear the other sheep. Once the other sheep were relaxed and off guard, they were swiftly sheared of all their wool. Wooly and his team amassed a vast fortune by selling the stolen wool and they lived happily ever after.”

Written by openAI

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