Pin·e·co no 0003 Original

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Original Ceramic
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This unique little ninja wears a Korean bridal (Gaksital) mask . Number 3 one of 50 little ninja friends.

Handmade with high fire stoneware and hand painted with coloured engobes. Fired 2 times.

“This little ninja in the Korean bridal (Gaksital) mask was known throughout the ninja community for their boundless energy and infectious charisma. Always the life of the party, they loved nothing more than to be surrounded by their friends and fellow warriors, regaling them with stories of his exploits and daring adventures. Though they could be a bit of a show-off at times, their enthusiasm and sense of humor endeared them to all those who knew them. When they weren’t busy cracking jokes or showing off their acrobatic skills, the little Pin·e·co could often be found using their charm and charisma to negotiate with rival clans or win over reluctant allies. Their outgoing personality and natural leadership skills made him a force to be reckoned with, and they were admired and respected by all who crossed their path.”

Written by openAI

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