hand building

Very helpful links for hand building

Here is my ever growing list of inspiration and help. Slab building Karans Pots And Glass GR Pottery forms   Textures & Transfers Melynn Allen Ceramics Elan Transfers   Credits If you are for some reason not happy being added to my list of helpful links please send me an email and i’ll remove it asap. mail me


How to prevent warping

Use a clay body with grog. Grog usually makes clay less likely to warp. (porcelain warps more easily). Roll your slab in multiple directions. Roll your slabs thick enough, the larger the piece, the thicker your slab should be to prevent warping. Dry slowly and evenly. I use a plastic greenhouse to dry my pieces in. Make/trim multiple foot rings to support the weight, create an extra one in the middle to prevent slumping. Make Read more…